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Life Touch Therapy (LTT) is a minority & veteran-owned & operated company by Joe and Carolynn Solano.


The Solano's story began in 1994 when these high-school sweethearts met. After graduating high school, Joe joined the Army National Guard, then had a career as a computer programmer and eventually landed in the therapy world as a COTA in 2014 after the business was established.


Carolynn went straight into OT school after HS and graduated in 2004 as an OTR. In 1997, the young couple started their family very early, and by the time they had their 3rd child, they moved to NC in 2009 to find a more affordable life for their growing family. 


They eventually ended up having 5 beautiful children. Their intention was never to run a therapy company, but they are a huge faith-based family and believe that Jesus provided all of the means to start and continue to grow their business est. in 2010 & the rest is history in the making...

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