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Pediartic Home-Based Therapy 

Our Motto

Touching Lives Through Therapeutic Intervention


Who We Service

We service families in the following North Carolina counties.

  • Cabarrus County

  • Union County 

  • Gaston County 

  • Winston-Salem County

  • Greensboro County

  • Mecklenburg County

  • Davidson County

  • Iredell County

  • Rowan County

  • Stanley County  


Children thrive and heal best in their own homes with the continuity of care individualized to meet their specific needs.

Who We Are

Life Touch Therapy, LLC is a family-owned pediatric therapy provider based in Concord, NC, serving our community since 2011. Life Touch provides children with occupational, physical, and/or speech therapy in the child’s natural environment to produce the best results based on proven research. 


Children can learn best in the environments and settings that are familiar to them, and caregivers are more likely to learn and carry out therapeutic interventions provided by their therapists in comfortable surroundings. 


When we enter the family's home, we are not only working with the child but striving to make a difference in the lives of the caregivers and extended family. Easing the caregivers or parental load through increased independence and patient function in the occupational, physical, and speech realms is how to extend our care beyond the child.


Our goal is age-appropriate independence and functionality for every child in our care.

What We Do


We manage from home the collaboration of therapies, medical care, medical supplies and all other necessary communications.

We are honored to have LTT families and pediatric physicians give us the level of trust to take care of their children. We are committed to providing the high level of care you expect in the hospital in your own home. 


We will partner with you to provide the best possible care for your child and the support  needed for your family so you can spend time enjoying activities together.

Hablamos espanol y temenos Therapeutas que hablan espanol.
We speak Spanish and provide Spanish speaking Therapists.


Please contact us with any questions or to join the LTT family today!

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